Investing In Replacement Windows

WindowsReplacement windows are one of the best investments you can make in your home. By replacing your home windows you can save monthly on your heating and cooling costs, and add curb appeal with an improved visual appearance. When it comes to replacement windows, United Home Construction is your source. Please contact us for a free quote.

Replacement Windows Come In Different Materials

Replacement windows have evolved greatly over the years. Wood is still the standard, but vinyl replacement windows and fiberglass are becoming more common. We've listed some of the most popular materials for replacement windows:

Replacement Windows Come in a Wide Range of Styles

WindowsReplacement windows made by companies such as Andersen Windows, Jeld-Wen (Jen-Weld) Windows, Pella Windows, and Milgard Windows are very similar. We have constructed a list of the most popular styles of replacement windows and their descriptions. Here are the most common styles of replacement windows:


Is It Time To Replace Your Doors?

DoorWhat is the condition of your current doors? Doors are made in a range of materials and levels of quality. If you have flimsy, lightweight doors that were not properly sized for the space, it would be costly to fix them. Replacement doors, often purchased "prehung" with the door framing around it, can save you the hassle and cost of trying to plane them down or make them level. You'll also be getting a better quality door.

If you have a solid oak door and your major concern is flaking paint, consider just stripping it and sanding it down. (Take caution when stripping paint that may have lead, however. You may have a beautiful, solid door on your hands and not even know it.

How is the weather-stripping on your exterior door? If your exterior door has large gaps under the bottom, weather-stripping may prevent air leaks. If the gaps are too big, consider a replacement door.

Is the bottom of the door rubbing against the carpeting? Some doors were installed with wood floors in mind. Chances are you can take off the door and plane down the bottom.