Commercial Jobs


Removed existing damaged rubber roof and installed 6000 square feet of new foam and rubber roofing.




Installed 6000 square feet of clear maple hardwood flooring, painted all basketball court lines and center logo. Additionally, the existing viewing bleachers were refinished and a new score board was installed.




Removed and replaced 60+ vinyl windows throughout the Nickerson Community Center in Providence, RI.




Removed asbestos flooring throughout most of the Nickerson Community Center and replaced with over 7,000 sq. ft. of VCT tile flooring.




Modernized the two existing stairwells from basement to the third floor at the Nickerson Community Center by installing new vinyl stair treads and repainting the handrails.




Added interior partitions inside the Nickerson Community Center to accommodate expansion of their daycare center.




Interior pictures of the kitchen and living room with new VCT flooring from the renovation of a 32 bed veteran's facility.